Monday, April 16, 2007

Ok. Ava again. She is so fun. I just love her!

Marky and Tyke. They are buds. It is so much fun having cousins the same age!

This is Bo, he was a good sport for the cowboy outfit!

This is little Ava Liv. She is 10 Mo. old now.

Ok. I am not a blogger or a photogragher, but I really think this blog thing is cute! Summer sat down and showed me a few things, so we'll see how this works! Mark and I have 3 kids now, Marky, Bo, and Ava. Marky is 6 and is obsessed with football, and sports center. Bo is 2, do I need to say anything else? He is awesome. Ava is such a doll, she is the best baby. Mark is still doing photos, and staying way busy with it. He is working on his website still but you can check it out at
I am doing the mom thing and Lovin' it. Life is good, I hope all of you are doing good too. All of the blogs I checked out are so cute, I am not good at this computer thing, I think I have sent like 5 e-mails in my whole life!! I gotta learn this stuff, its too cool! Oh, and I took these pictures of my kids! I think the photo thing runs in the fam.!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ok Deb...this is the only picture I had of Gracie. She is so cute..this might be the closest thing Mikey will get to holding a baby girl, all this mommy has is boys.

Alex's Portraits photo shop

Alex's Portraits photo shop